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Fun at first

This would be one of my all time favorite apps/games if they allowed you to play without needing to spend money. They require you to have specific furniture to design a room but you have to buy it. This app needs to adjust how they allow you to play without needing to spend tons of actual money on it.

Enjoyable yet needs some improvements

I’m addicted to this game. Both fun and challenging, Design Home is great for combining creative home design with the constraints of a budget. That said, it’s nearly impossible to get enough items to complete more than 2 challenges max each day. Even if you earn 4+ stars for your design, usually no extra diamond or cash is awarded on top of a prize. Reaching next level takes too long, often resulting in lack of art & plants available. Free videos to earn diamonds frequently do not load. Problem has been reported, but no response, and I loose out on any chance of earning the diamonds for the day. Voting for prizes seems biased to monotone & plain designs. While I enjoy this game, do hope they will take a look at improving.

Just like Covet Fashion

Love Covet and love this! I’m addicted

Don’t waste your time!

While I really liked this game at first, I’ve quickly realized that it wasn’t even worth downloading. You don’t get to keep the items you purchase. You get 5 uses. No more! Then the item needs to be purchased again. This makes it pretty much impossible to play the game without spending a lot of actual money. I wouldn’t mind to make actually purchases here and there, but not for items that do not remain in my inventory.

They don’t want you to succeed

It’s has great qualities but needs improvement. You don’t get to keep what you buy. They could be better organized by price. You don’t have enough diamonds, cash or merchandise to play every and succeed. Make this more successful.

LOVE it so much

I’m on level 20 now and I am recommending this app so cool

Fun and relevant but-

I am an interior designer who works specifically with color design on a commercial, industrial, and individual level and I love this game because it has relevant trends and also features actual companies and their products! It is really fun to experiment and play around with the game and I’ve played daily for about 4 months. My only gripe is with the voting and ranking system. Every design that wins the ranking of 5.0 stars seems to be the same exact products, in the same color, and they must match. Very rarely do realistic design applications in real life have a monochrome palette. I am starting to wonder if bots do actual voting based on that algorithm because I personally never vote. Who votes? They seem to round up every indivisible who only like black and white modern design to vote and often the designs that win disregard the challenge guidelines completely. We’re supposed to design and space for a young fashion designer who is moving into her first apartment and the walls are blush pink. All the winning designs are all white or all black. So boring! I would automatically go for burgundy and dark aubergine purple to bring out the warmth in the blush pink while adding a modern luxe and comforting atmosphere but NO. I don’t even get 4 stars (which the lowest you need to achieve to get the prize and diamonds) Good thing I design spaces in real life all day everyday for my career that are rich in color because I get so tired of seeing the same monotone palettes win the “best design awards” in this “game”. After all, it’s only a game. A fair warning for anyone who actually knows a thing or two about color and current trends in the design world.

Down time

Absolutely Love the game,! When we have down time, meaning about 5 hrs., Sometimes there is nothing to do on app. I suggest a dream design. No money, no diamonds, just fun. Nothing to win also. Just love to design, and often a whole design home and erase just for fun! Maybe free design, and aa few top winners for diamonds! Out of sight!

No friends without Facebook?

This app is fun, but it’s impossible to add friends to borrow furniture from unless you link your Facebook account, and then you can *only* be friends with people you know on FB. Please give us the functionality to add friends directly in the app via Designer ID#. Also, please let us use the new floor decor items in the same slots as floor plants and vice versa! Having to use a plant where a floor decor item would look better stifles our creativity and make everyone’s rooms look cookie-cutter identical.


I'd be more impressed if the game would give me the daily "money" so I could actually play the game. It also didn't give me the reward for scoring over 4 stars a couple of times.

There is a room for improvement

I’ve been playing this game for over a year and I love it! My only problem is ignorance of customer support. I completed an offer about 3 weeks ago from now and was supposed to get diamonds for it. A week later I emailed to customer support and got no response. A week after that I sent email again and again did not get a response. Total ignorance☹️

Another Way

I am in love with Design Home, I love that they are actually pieces of furniture in real life. But I think there should be another way to earn coins. I think for voting you could either earn coins or keys. Or maybe you could earn coins from daily rewards, the reason why there should be another way to earn coins is because designing a home take away most of your money then most of the time you don’t even earn half of the money back that you spend. I love Design Home and would love if we could earn money in a different way.

Change the daily

Really wish they would do something other than living room challenges for the daily challenge other than that it is a great game and fun if you like to design!!

Great game. One bad feature

This game is great and I love everything about it except one thing. When you buy an item you only get to use it 5 times then you have to buy it again! LAME! I think once you buy it, it should be yours forever. I mean why not😁😂🤬🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️ so I think you should get the game, just be wise with your money because you have to buy everything more than once. Have fun and I hope the game can use this advice and get rid of the limited uses💜😘enjoy

Copying covet fashion

This game is ok. But it basically copies covet fashion.(Seriously!) I prefer to design people not homes. The connection is really slow too. I honestly would only buy this if I were a four year old. But this game is ok. ~Annie Sarkisian~ 😜

Great game

This game is a lot of fun! There is room for improvement, of course. Its goal is definitely and obviously to make money for the game developers through In App Purchases. As a result, you can definitely have more fun playing if you have more money to spend. But unfortunately, twenty bucks worth of diamonds doesn't go as far as you'd think. I think the app developers could make more money if they listened to user feedback, and made this more playable for people who don't have $100 a month to spend. For example, if $20 bought you a lot more, you'd make it up in volume. If you got 20 instead of 5, and could trade with others, more people would play. If you had unlimited borrowing, instead of just once every four days, more people would play. If you could buy accessories with cash instead of only with diamonds, more people would play. The reason people submit designs that don't follow the challenge's criteria is because they can't afford to buy diamonds. Also, a way to immediately return something you bought by accident would be helpful. I'd personally love to see drapes and throw pillows added to inventory.

A few Improvements

This is a fun game but 1) Sometimes my designs are scored low.bSo I look at the designs that scored a perfect 5 and they are not always 5 star worthy or even better than my design. So I'm curious as to how designs are paired for the voting process because I think some designs just get lucky by being paired with a mess of a design therefore it ends up with a 5 star rating. 2) Give users the option to sell their inventory. I'm sitting with furniture and accessories that I've won but do not want to use. Selling it is an easy way for users to earn a little more cash or diamonds.

Grown up doll house addiction

I love this app. The concept is great. Design a room like an interior decorator. Use real companies and furniture and crowd source voting to rate the designs. It has helped me in making choices in purchases and plans for my own home.

Hippy Heather 64

Best game when you can play on a big screen!!! 💚🍷 That was my reaction a few years ago. I am now having issues with the ability to gain extra diamonds for furnishing purchases and I think I am losing some of the items I do purchase.they disappear before I get a chance to use them all up. Still fun to play, if your in line at a drive-thru getting lunch.

Fun but too expensive!

I love this game but the only real way to get enough cash to keep playing is to buy diamonds that you have to exchange for cash. The game isn’t very generous when it comes to giving diamonds and you can earn diamonds through tapjoy but that in itself is a hassle. I’d love to keep playing but I’m not about to sink a bunch of money in a game. Unfortunately I’ll be deleting this one.

Don’t bother

You can’t get anywhere in this game with out spending your money. Real money.

Pretty Awful

I’m sorry but the voting is just so bad. Designs that score 5 stars look like poorly staged apartments for rent rather than good interior design. I can play daily without ever having to vote on designs which makes me wonder how much voting is even really occurring. Also, scrolling through hundreds of tiny thumbnails of furniture in the bottom quarter of the screen is a tedious waste of time.


It’s a shame the developers are so greedy. This could be such a great game. The price of game-cash & diamonds is completely ridiculous. Anything you “buy” you only get to use a few times. It’s outrageous. For example, there’s a big cabinet that costs over 8k diamonds. Spending $5 of actual money to buy diamonds isn’t enough to “buy” that item for 5 uses. Give me a break. I refuse to spend money on this game. So stingy, so greedy. I would totally spend $5 here or there if it would actually buy me a fair amount of time in the game but the prices are ridiculous.

Room for improvement

Just started playing this game and it has a lot of pros that make it enjoyable. However, there are considerable areas for improvement: Pros: links to the real furniture sites (when available); cool filtering based on style, colour & brand; wonderful graphics Suggestions: - It would be nice to select a piece of furniture and see what styles it embodies (basically show the filter types) - A ‘Save for later’ option to bookmark pieces you might like for your inventory but can’t currently afford - Ability to follow other designers - Ability to comment on rooms when voting (can be like Twitter: max 140 characters) - Weighted scores based on how they adhere to the design prompt when voting. Mid-century modern continuously gets high scores although the prompts will state a variety of indicators that it shouldn’t. Doesn’t necessarily have to be punitive weighting but you should get points for committing to a room design and not just doing the bare minimum. So much room to grow. Would love to see some (or all!) of these options implemented soon.

Fix “free diamonds”

I have only been getting diamonds for completing offers every other time! It’s sooo frustrating!

Very fun...but

Although this game is very fun, I wish they would give you 500 gems and $500 instead of keys. Keys can be easily earned unlike dollars.

Developers need to fix the loading issues.

Adding to my previous rating, this game runs slower than walking through molasses. It doesn't matter if I am using phone data or on my high speed wifi, it takes 10 minutes to load furniture. The game developers need to fix this, this isn't an issue on our side this is an issue on their side. I play less often because I spend most the time in game waiting on the game to load. I hate how you don't get to keep the items you spend a ton of money on. You get 5 uses then you have to rebuy. If we are "renting" them they should be so expensive. It's like full price for only a few uses. It was fun until I ran out of money to do anything. Not worth spending real money on when it's not something you get to have in your inventory full time.

Loved it but..

I loved this app, but recently the Free Premium Store is not working. I’ve tried shutting my iPad down and restarting it, but the videos will not load. Please fix this so I can raise my rating.


I love this game but today it logged me out of my account and won’t let me open app says connection unavailable

One Thing❤️

This game by far is my favorite on my device I do have one suggestion thought. I believe that it’s very VERY hard to get 5 stars🌟 and the people that vote either don’t pay attention or just have AWFUL taste because I only have one star rating so far. That pretty much it Thanks again for reading and keep up the good work!❤️

Addictive but flawed

1. Because the players vote- they often ignore the scenarios or parameters for a room. If design a purely Mediterranean room when that is the task, don’t be surprised when a contemporary room is a high score. 2,Strive for a four not a five. You will spend too many diamonds. 3. They should award more diamonds. 4. Watch videos to earn more diamonds. Avoid the offers to get diamonds. You almost never get the diamonds and there is no way to complain about it. 5. I have been doing the surveys. Previously if it kicked you out you still got some points. This week at least five surveys decided that I did not meet what they were looking for despite having spent five to fifteen minutes working on them.


This app misses the point for me. I just like creating visuals. Furniture is not well matched in color and design and not proportioned to other pieces in the room.

The Game Is Fun But There Is a Problem...

I Really Love The Game Like You Design Your Own Room Or Not Our Room But We Take Money And Stuff And The Problem Is .... Is A Question, Is This Game Work On Internet? Reply My Question Please For More Stars ! 😉

Solid fun, great creative outlet

My daughter turned me on to this app, very fun, allows me to do something creative in my down time, away from my stressful job. The only thing is, and why I rate at 4 stars, and not 5, is that this can get to be rather expensive, if you allow yourself to buy on a regular basis. They charge quite a bit for the diamonds used to buy items, and to design very coordinated rooms, you end up needing to buy. Also, the voting seems off. Rooms that tend to win are often black and white, or very monochromatic, and not as creative. I have a design degree, and not all successful designs are black and white. Just remember, it is only a game. With that said, still, it’s a fun app. This is an edit to my previous poor rating. They fixed a glitch where we lost ability to use items we had purchased, another reminder that we need to be patient (and just maybe, they read these ratings).

Perfect, I just have two suggestions

I love this game so far! But I have two suggestions that would make it even better! First, keep adding in new bright colors! Purples, pinks, oranges, and neons are risky colors when it comes to design, but this game is all about taking risks! If we want to make more fresh designs, we need more of certain colors to work with! Plus more rose gold/copper items and patterned items would be REALLY awesome! Also, I wish you could filter items by price. It would make designing so much quicker because half the time I’m scrolling through looking for items that will fit what money I have left to work with. Thanks! Just keep improving 😄

Pretty fun

I’m actually surprised with how much I enjoy this game. I love being able to put a lot of different rooms together. I used to find the requirements of certain rooms annoying, but now it’s a fun challenge to find an item that maybe I usually wouldn’t choose that is within my budget; it helps me to expand my views on what I like in a furniture piece. The only reason why I do not give this game five stars is because I do not enjoy having to repurchase items. After five uses, you have to repurchase it if you want to use it again and I do not appreciate that at all. It can be difficult to keep a good budget on this game so when I enter a new challenge to find out that a lot of my items are missing is a very frustrating feeling.

Could be great.

It’s a lot of fun designing rooms and seeing how they turn out but like previous comments I have had the same issues. They are very stingy with diamonds- used to buy inventory to decorate- and although I’ve completed numerous offers for free diamonds, I’m not receiving them. I send complaint tickets and now I’m flagged for making too many complaints and all requests are denied??? The free offers aren’t free, almost all require some purchase. I feel like this app is a scam.

Very Fun, but Annoying

I reallly love this game. I’ve been searching for one and this is one of the better. But it also is really frustrating losing your furniture. I’ve spent thousands on furniture for it to go away after a few uses. That is a very dumb idea because you only make 500 a challenge and then spend more on completing the challenge. Please make it so that furniture would actually stay with you, because I don’t think it adds anything but frustrating to players that spent so much money on buying this stuff.

Things from a my inventory keeps disappearing

Yup, everything you buy is temporary. It’ll disappear from your inventory after a couple of uses. DONT WASTE REAL MONEY!

Love love love this game but.....

I absolutely love this game and play it all day every day! There are just a few changes I wish they would make. • don’t make everything so expensive • either remove the 5 time use totally or at least up it to 10. • offer more decorations and at a lower rate All and all this is a great game and really the only one like it out there. So 5 stars from me!!!


Was a five star till the update and now I can’t even open my app

No support

I have been on this app for almost two years and I was really enjoying it. However, it crashed a couple of weeks ago. I sent a request for help to their tech support. I got a couple of form-like emails telling me to check my internet connecting and explaining how to quit an app on an iPhone (which I already know how to do, thanks). Now, the emails have stopped even though the problem is not fixed.

Getting money hungry

I’ve been playing a while now and I’m seeing a trend that is geared towards spending more and more money to be able to complete rooms. Sad to say that after more than a year of playing that I will be deleting this app, it’s no longer fun to play.

Charged double

This app has charged me double for in app purchases TWICE. The first time I was able to get my credit card company to reverse the charge. The second time was today and now I have to wait for my credit card company to allow me to dispute the charge. I talked with Apple and of course they say they can’t help that I’ll have to talk for eh app developers. The app help section says that I have to talk to Apple. Go figure. So they both want to blame each other while in the meantime I’m still out the money that was never authorized to be charged to my device. The app is good other than that, it’s a shame I’ll be deleting it as soon as I dispute their fraudulent charges with my CC company, AGAIN.


Too many glitches! DO NOT USE YOUR OWN MONEY TO PLAY! Purchased items are often unable to be used or suddenly no longer in your inventory. Bad lagging even at high internet speeds. Too easy to click on item and accidentally purchase due to lags or frozen screen. Daily email received gives you a bonus item to purchase if you don’t get above 4 stars but often that item is suddenly unavailable to buy even though the email is brand new. Customer service is VERY POOR: they don’t read the entirety of email or solve issues or compensate with diamonds or refunds for all the glitches and system errors. The voting system is highly flawed. This could be an excellent game if the support was better and ALL the many glitches were resolved. Too frustrating to play as is, and feels like they just want to take your money and not help when errors occur.


So the game is a great game and all, but you run out of cash and diamonds right away and you have to pay for more. All I’m saying is that I think the game should give beginners a little bit more currency or at least bring the prices down. The game is fun though, and I like it very much.

I love the game but have one or two problems with it.

First problem: Why do I have to repurchase items that I bought ? If it’s mine then I should be able to use it many times as I want. Second Problem: If I won prizes then they’re mine and it shouldn’t be a limit on how many times I can use what I won. I enjoy playing but that’s the most annoying thing about this game.

Ok but...

Ok. So I like the game but you would have to make at least one purchase 😭. Without that one or more purchase the game would be boring. The concept is a good one however, the way the game is was created good use some TLC.

Design Home retaliates!!

So going in to “earn” rewards you have to download apps and or make purchases and after giving them everything but your blood and thumb print...they don’t give you rewards,so you have to go back in and find missing diamonds and then go in and choose which offer you did that didn’t reward you and then after that you have to respond to their email or they don’t give you anything and since they hardly ever give you the rewards at the time you do it you have to follow through with emails and then they have the balls to say “you have turned in so many missing diamonds reports it’s concerning “ HA!! So after that they start grading your rooms and they start giving you scores under 4.0 so you want get the prize your playing for and if you do ANYTHING in black an white you’ll score better!! So: they don’t give you rewards for doing offers unless you complete the “missing diamonds “ and lucky if you do after that!! So: don’t complain you’ll be rated poorly! So: do all your design in black an white. So:I’m a paying customer and I mean at least 30$a month and they DO NOT CARE!!!!! Also when you do missing diamonds they only have about 7-8 offers listed, so you can’t even put in a report on them if you wanted to. ALSO THEY STOPPED TAKING MY “missing diamonds “ REPORTS AND KEEP SAYING I ALREADY FILED and IGNORE YOU COMPLETELY!!!! They’ve NEVER commented on my review....and after all the complaints, THEY STILL DO NOTHING 😔😖😡

Design home

Great game, super addictive!! I recommend it to anyone that likes interior design. I do have a problem with it though, out of 10 of the challenges is design a living room, then why do we enter challenge to win beds, dinning tables, etc if the only thing we are going to design are living rooms? Come on give us more variation it’s getting old only designing living room and having all this other furniture we seem to never use.

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