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Bonus system needs work

In order to get extract design currency, you can read articles, play games to certain level, order various magazine subscriptions, etc. I recommend being wary of reading the articles because it is a waist of time. You don’t get the promised payout, and if you open a ticket for review through the app service group, they require you to provide proof. Like screen shots, etc. They totally put the burden on the app user, the very folks that ensure these guys have a job in the first place. Total waist of time.

Love love love

Love this game but hey Design home can you make it so we can add pillows to couches or chairs & if they already have pillows give us the option to change them! That would be amazing!!!!

Awesome Game👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

My mom and I both love this game. Please keep adding new furniture!!!❤️❤️❤️ You should get this game🤗

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Fun Game! I wish they would add kitchens and bathrooms.

Like game but....

Doesn’t seem like there is a lot of opportunity besides buying to increase money or diamonds. Also the biggest pet peeve is I can’t design a whole room without loosing pieces unless bought. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to let you design the whole room regardless , if purchased or not then it would encourage the person to potentially buy diamonds etc. please also put filter in for price range. Don’t bother with the contest to win diamonds etc from tapjoy it is a scam.

Earning stars with offers is really hit or miss

I really like this game but with the price of items being what they are I often choose to complete offers in exchange for diamonds. I took advantage of one of the offers and actually purchased something that I should’ve received over 20000 diamonds for. When I went back to the app the banner came up that the offer had been completed and that my diamonds would be in my inbox. They weren’t there. Overall, this has happened to me dozens of times. From reading an article for diamonds to actually making purchases to achieve more of them, I wouldn’t waste my time on something I did not think I’d be rewarded for. This is a major glitch in the game that I really wish would be fixed.


This game is all around annoying. The judging, the cost of wall art/plants, furniture and rugs. Just ridiculous. Then the money you get doesn’t even cover the cost of one item. Anyway, I purchased some diamonds for 1.99 and my apple iTunes charged me 15$?! So I went through my bank account and sure enough there are random apple charges of 14$,15$,18$ and 25$. Total scam. I’m deleting this game. I gave it two stars because the graphics are good and the rooms tend to be interesting.

Voting results

Lately, I have been getting so many 3.96 scores. I spend hours decorating using nice items but getting below 4 stars makes me so upset. And seeing other designs get better scores when it's so obvious that it is not as good. NOT FAIR!!!


new favorite game, i just wish there were more rooms to do!!!

Was fun, but disappointing + no customer support!!

I did love this game, but I lost the app because of a glitch. And lost everything (including things I spent real money on) and needed to start over. (When I tried to address it with customer service it seems like they pretended to not understand.) Also after starting over I realized that I never got any of the level 1 art, table art, etc. (I have written to customer service about this now five times; either they again pretend to not understand and tell me I have to buy it —even though they would easily be able to see that I don’t have it in my inventory and never used it in my designs— or when trying to explain it in simpler terms they don’t answer.) Then I realized when I reach a new level a couple times I haven’t gotten all of the art for that new level. It’s so strange, and happens rarely, but makes me think it’s done so that you run out of art and need to buy more—with real money.) When you write to their customer service, there is no assistance or an answer that just says you have to buy (things you never got). Or (like others have said) they don’t answer. I will try again. But maybe I should just delete the app since it’s OBVIOUS that they really just want you to spend (real) money. Also sometimes when you design a room it doesn’t load completely so that only half of the room shows. There seems to be no fix for these issues. Honestly, some of the challenges that pay $500 require you to spend way more, sometimes thousands. Obviously so that you spend a lot of your (real)money buying diamonds. And the customer service is poor. UPDATE: It’s been several days since I tried (again) to get asst. for a problem with their customer service. This is poor customer service. Obviously this app is just a way to get people to spend (real) money. 👎👎👎 UPDATE: I did make contact to the support staff again (responding to their request to mail below) and again, but I guess this issue will never taken care of. Disappointing—and not good customer service at all.

Ridiculous App, Waste of Money

This app is trash and is not worth 11 dollars. With 11 dollars i can buy myself a nice meal.

Not too bad.

I’ve been on this app for over a year and recently I have noticed that items are going away before I’ve even used them all. Whenever I complete numerous surveys or watch countless videos in an attempt to get more diamonds, I almost NEVER GET THEM. Some days I will have wasted 20+ minutes completely surveys and filling things out for NO REASON.

It is ok

Th game has some problems but you could not have some of these problems this game is challenging but fun you should get it!!!!

Continued technical issues

The last 6 months it's has been a hit & miss when trying to decorate a room, most of the time things I've purchased is not there but will. Show up maybe in another room I try to decorate & 80% of the time I get kicked out or get message tech issues...please fix 05/03/18- it's been 2 weeks now and 2 responses which been no help at all. To hopefully help I keep getting a message that says technical issues and out of date language files need to be updated...does this help you fix the problem? Problem still not resolved, & no one is helping to resolve. This is the error message I keep getting. Technical Issue We apologize. Design Home encountered an issue that requires restart. Continue > I continue & restart, it continues to happen again & again. It's been almost 2 months and you've done nothing to fix this???

Good but could be better.

Love being creative, but one cannot do there best design without being able to get the items you want because you are not given enough stars or money to purchase them. You cannot purchase plants and accessories because both require stars. You are only given enough each day to buy one or the other, not both.

Great game...lots of flaws!!

5 stars for the game...3 stars for all of the things that don’t make sense!!!! It does not seem like the creators of this game care much for the complaints as all of the feedbacks have similar ones and nothing has been done. I was spending some actual $$ and decided that some things are so none sense that mine as well just use what I get for free and call it a day. Vote is totally unfair and most of the designers don’t even follow design description...why bother!! Other than that I am hooked!!


The pictures and plants that you have to buy with diamonds are way to expensive! It’s impossible to get a decent picture without having to spend all my diamonds. And if I wanted to buy just 1 picture, I never have enough diamonds to do it, and my design just ends up looking unfinished and bad. I have to save up for the decorations I want. I can’t just have an occasional splurge every now and then to buy decorations because it’s impossible with the amount of diamonds the app gives us. Other than that complaint, the game is great! I really enjoy it!!!!

Let’s Be Fair

The Developers are not looking to grade you on the story Line challenges, they are grading you on the higher end items you choose to create the design. It’s very contradictory and a big let down. The trick is if they say, “eclectic” they don’t mean eclectic, they mean all the same color and color contrast. Same rule for every challenge!! Not worth spending your money!!! This game is meant to pay the developers who created the game!!!

The $$ is ridiculous

Honestly this is one of my favorite games to PLAY. There needs to be a way to sell furniture you don’t want to use. This would MAYBE help SOME with the ridiculousness of CONSTANTLY having to rebuy everything else. Money wise/ spending it is out of control. You earn very little diamonds everyday yet you have to spend twice the amount to get ONE picture that you don’t even get to keep. You have to rebuy furniture constantly. I get it. It’s based off the prices of the actual furniture which is a pretty cool concept BUT if you buy real furniture for that price , you get to actually KEEP it.


It’s fun when you can use it. But you almost immediately run into the case where it is unusable unless you are willing to fork over actual cash to use it. Most of my friends have been inactive probably because of this reason. They lose interest after the first day or two then uninstall it. Winning enough cash or diamonds to keep you in the game is next to impossible.So in the long run, any money you spend on this game, you will undoubtedly have to shell out more once it’s gone

Great concept, but...

The game is a great concept. Many people can find enjoyable qualities about it as well as useful. However, items are hard to obtain making the experience as a whole less enjoyable and even less profitable. Why not allow us to watch ads for in world currency? Why not allow us the players to make furniture and sell it via an in game currency exchange like linden lab has created? This app could potentially make itself much larger.


The game is fun but diamonds and money are hard to earn, while most items are expensive. You only get 5 uses out of items you buy then you need to buy the item again. While it is a fun game you are forced to decorate your room off the cheapest items or buy money and diamonds.

Glitches glitches.

Too bad it has not been working properly

Needs improvement

I really enjoy this game to unwind and it can be addicting. It does however have its flaws. I thought when you purchased an item it would stay in your inventory forever since you did PURCHASE IT, but that’s not the case. I kept finding myself rebuying things when I knew I had already bought it. I guess you just rent certain stuff which is pretty dumb. You waste your cash constantly trying to refuel your inventory. It’s fun to play every now and then but the game is not fair either.

No Contact

I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks are enjoy decorating rooms and such, but it is crazily expensive to design, and products can only be used a certain amount of times. One of the biggest problems that I’ve had is that there has been no contact from their side. I recently won a prize from designing a room, and while it appeared in my inventory, it never appears when I’m designing a room, which is really inconvenient. In the app there is a contact us button, so I tried using that to tell them about the problem. I had some other problems so a couple days later I messaged them again, expecting to receive an answer soon. It’s been about a week later and I still haven’t heard anything back from them. Although it’s obviously not a huge deal, I don’t think that these problems will be fixed or if they will ever answer my messages. All in all, it’s an interesting app, but you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the problems.


Wow, I had only been playing for a few months...I think this is AMAZING!!!!!


The game is fun, but be prepared to spend your actual money only to not be delivered the diamonds just paid for. Further, they will not respond to problems. They only have a 1.2 star rating with the Better Business Bureau, so they clearly don’t care about their users. Scoring is off, prizes are repetitive, items are waaaaay overpriced. Who really pays $1000 for a floor plant?

Best Design Game Hands Down

This is thee ONLY interior design game I have come across that is actually fun and legit. The sad part is that there’s no competition either.I really like this app.I’ve searched numerous times in the App Store for a design game and they all either have it to where u have to spend money or you have to play so many candy crush kind of games in order to even enjoy the designing part. I never spend money on games and I actually convinced myself 5 dollars here and there is nothing to spend and ended up spending money on this game.

Good game not great

This game is highly addictive! The graphics for the rooms and furniture are awesome. The artwork, textiles and accessories could use more versatility. They should also be cheaper. Who buys $900 dollar potted fiddle leaf figs, really developers come on! Stay true to the actual real life prices as you do with the furniture. The game is not worth spending money on because you lose the furniture you buy. Just play the daily and call it a day. Others have mentioned design ratings and it’s true if you want to get a high score just make everything “matchy matchy” teal, black, white, or gray. Some of the talented designs I’ve seen and voted for just wont make the cut.

I used to play this.

This is a cute game. The graphics and designs are beautiful but I also felt it was super tight and slow. I felt items would be missing after I acquired. I would love to go back to it but recent reviews suggest the same issues. Great game for rich people. Now back to my YouTube videos. Tymtime

Fun but a rip off

This game is really fun to play, but is set up to where it’s nearly impossible to play without spending actual money. And when you do buy something in game you can only use it 5x before having to repurchase it. Once you buy something it should stay in your inventory period. This really makes me not want to play the game at all.


I’ve had the app about a week. It’s super fun the first few days until you realize that cash and diamonds go fast. Everything is so pricey with limited uses. So today I created a beautiful design for the daily challenge but only had one of my matching end tables left and can’t afford to re-buy it or buy a different one. I’m considering filling this room with all my odds and ends just to get the $2500 and settle for a crappy score. 1. Charge less for items or let us use them more. 2. Up the daily reward so we can actually play. 3. Have challenges maybe require fewer items. 4. Give better rewards for 4 stars. 5 is impossible. (Because we’re forced to buy cheap items and some of us are not afraid of color)... Great concept but it’s obvious you’re in this for the money. If it’s this difficult to play with free resources, I wouldn’t even consider spending real money on this game.

Fun and addicting HOWEVER

This game is designed and executed beautifully for the purpose of marketing furniture...and the sponsors furniture is gorgeous. However, since the implicit point of the game is to be a better designer, it would stand to reason that at some point there might be a”tips and tricks” section guiding a person on what constitutes good design. In addition, the scoring we are led to believe is random yet the rooms with 5.0’s look nearly the same almost every time. So, it would be nice if there were more transparency in scoring. One last thing, there aren’t many games women truly love, so to have hit on one is in itself a great accomplishment. PLEASE, do the work to make this game worth staying with!


If you play this game, play for the fun of decorating, not for the scores. Know that the scores are super subjective and untrained people are voting on your designs. It does not accurately reflect your skill. Love to play but the voting is flawed in that a high percentage of the high scores do not reflect the description. This does not teach true design principles. The game is going downhill. I’m tired of wading through all the bad designs when voting. So many look like a five year old did them and I don’t want to vote for either. Sometimes you just get ripped off in the voting. I wish there were at least age divisions or some way to filter design experience. The levels mean nothing in regards to skill. Fun to play but but too subjective in voting.

The Best

This is one of my favorite games And I love how you can actually buy the furniture how cool is that

Little frustrating

I’ve had this game for a while now I never go on it any more because it won’t give me any more money I am l totally out of money so I can’t do any thing.

You need to purchase diamonds to get a decent score!!

I noticed that ever since I stopped purchasing diamonds, my scores/5 stars have diminished or have been non existent!! The developer is smart! They in a way “brainwash” app users to think they have to purchase diamonds for them to have better scores!!!!! This has always been a problem from the start I’ve noticed!!!! It is a fun app/game but not at the expense of the user’s dollars!!!!!! VERY DECEIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not entirely happy.

Not happy with the voting. The money/diamond situation. I read and agree with a lot of these reviews. Fix this game. Stop being so greedy with the money/diamonds and prizes.

Change scoring system. Change company for free offers.

I have been using this game for several months now. While I love the game there are some issues that must be addressed. 1) A better scoring system other than people just picking the one they like the best. They should follow the criteria as close as they can. Maybe have a certain number of items that must be whatever the criteria says it should be. 2) Please offer better wall art and decorations. 3) Items I've purchased but not used have gone back into the "shop". That's not right or fair. 4) Why not offer an unlimited supply of diamonds for a certain, reasonable, price? I have found an app with the same items used for decorating the rooms in Design Home and Im not charged at all for using them. 5) Please, look at how the rooms are arranged! If I had a gorgeous view I would never put my sofa and chairs with the backs to that view. I would want to see all that beauty. 6) Overcrowding rooms with things such as ottomans and benches. 7) Tapjoy, the company in charge of free offers, is a joke! Many times they do not give the diamonds they are supposed to after completing the required steps. We have to chase down and provide screenshots and other ridiculous things. If you send multiple tickets due to completing several offers of which you have not been compensated, you receive emails that you have sent too many and any more will result in you being banned. Customer support is also a joke. I'm sure the longer I play I'll find other things that irks me quite a bit. I will stop at this point. I am very close at this point. My one disappearance from this game may not matter much, but believe me, there are a whole lot of others who are just like me and the frustration is growing everyday.

Don’t try to earn diamonds over 8000

I played this game for 5 months . It is the worst . Greedy company. We all spend real cash but try to earn some free diamonds to buy fake plants and they find a way to cheat you. Trying to reason with them is waste of time. Their response to me is block me from posting on their fb page. They can give me all the real money I spend on their free game and I will go away. Going on Twitter now

Love the App but......

This is a very fun designing game. Love designing different rooms and seeing other people’s designs as well. It is very hard to get a 5 star vote on your designs as it seems that most designers use a lot of only black or only white items. I tried that and still don’t get a high score. I’ve noticed that a lot of voting comparisons are not even equal. Such as someone who probably couldn’t buy expensive or many items gets paired with someone who has expensive items and a lot . Not very fair. Wish you could keep the items purchased forever as it’s hard to even get diamonds and money to purchase them over and over. Wish they would give better prizes for the designs such as more sofas or rugs or higher end items.

Missing credits

I have been playing this game for awhile now and have done several offers for diamonds but recently I did 2 offers that took me about 2 weeks to do because they were for other games to win diamonds for home design. I never received them and they told me I would t get them because my system id didn't match so the company couldn't prove it. I sent screen shots and everything. Waste of time and not worth it! Don't waste your time, so many other apps out there!

Awesome Game

Awesome game just don’t spend actual money on it Also, it’s hard to get keys unless you want to look at really bad designs by people who really don’t care about making it look nice.

Addicting and Expensive

I am not able to play this game without making purchases. I do not see any way to play really without spending a lot on both furniture and accessories. There is certainly no way to make high scores without spending what, for me, was too much money. The scoring is infuriating, deflating and disheartening. Scores ranging from 4.00-4.60 are not seemingly related to the quality of the room and accounts for most of my dissatisfaction with Home Design. The pairing of the rooms and the scoring makes it impossible to even get consistent feedback on your progress. I “know” when I have a 5 a lot of the time, outside of that I don’t have a clue if my design will be a 5 or a 4.17. I am stopping my game play. I wish I could have the good without the bad. I find furnishing the rooms soothing and fun. I love getting a 5 on a room. I am competitive and want to improve. I need logical relevant feedback for that to happen and Home Design does not provide that. I would not start this game. Hopefully they will make improvements.

Love, Love, Love this game but...

This game is awesome. Very fun to use your mind in a creative way. The reason for the four star rating is that it is very difficult to compete against other designers who have been playing the game for a very long time and are on higher tiers. They have access to many more accessories like table art, pictures etc., things that improve the design. I feel the competitions should be grouped together in reasonable tier levels like one to ten, ten to twenty etc. I think that would even put the playing field! JMO!


Me encanta. Lo único que a veces se pone muy lenta la aplicación. Además me gustaría que hubiera más paisajes de lugares diferentes como de América Central y Sur America y las Antillas en especial Puerto Rico qué hay tan bellísimo lugares y tiene una cultura muy singular.

Designer fanatic

My one “beef” is most of the designs that score 5 stars have very little color AND, do not follow the theme of the storyline. There was one that was suppose to be colorful, and guess what, I was colorful and didn’t score well....that happens, but the “winners” were not colorful, like black/white/gray. Other than that, it’s an addictive (in a good way) game once you get the hang of the ins and outs. I’m in real estate, so I love seeing everyone’s creativity with design. There are so many options, there’s never two identical designs. I have decided that I’m going to design what I like, and not get too concerned about the score, so long as I win the prize for that design😀!!!


Although the premise of the game is fun there is a serious flaws with any type of customer service at all. You can post on Facebook something negative to try to get their attention but they will ignore it. And the contact us is no help. I have been trying for weeksto work out issues with tap joy which is another problem All on its own.


You should add throw pillows for purchase and the ability to match more furniture colors, or have a ‘pick your shade’ option! Enjoy the game, wish when you were voting you could see the requirements in order to judge more fairly!

Game won’t load

I downloaded this game after seeing it recommended in the App Store. Yesterday I played it for the first time. I had a lot of fun, and decided to purchase the in-game currency starter pack. Shortly after the game crashed; I thought it was my internet at first, but after more than 24 hours, multiple force closes, checking that my device has enough available space for the game, and a hard reset of my device, the game still won’t load.

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