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Fun BUT ....

The diamond rewards won on each challenge do not get added to my account. I have contacted them but to this date the issue has not been resolved. Do Not waste your time and money.

Realistically entertaining

Fun and extremely realistic. I love the challenges are room specific. Design wise extremely versatile. I love playing and it caters to my age being an adult and my niece and nephews love to play as well experimenting with designs particularly the kids room ones are their favorite 😂😂

Love it

This is a great game to design and have fun with color and interior design


I have been playing for almost a year. I enjoy the designing aspect of this app but it has had many glitches over the months and is definitely flawed, maybe fixed. Scoring has problems. Supposedly we players vote for the best rooms, who if they get a perfect 5 (not a 4.99) you get bonus points. Points get diamonds, diamonds get inventory. You can spend real money on this game. I usually don't except maybe purchase a special $1.99 package. Anyway, my beautiful rooms, often tastefully colorful have been earning low 4s. What regularly get 5s are totally or nearly white rooms. I think it's rigged that way. Another issue was Tapjoy, now changed to Fyber, to get free diamonds. Also seems to be flawed, maybe fraudulent. If you want to know more about issues check out the various FB DH support pages. And read the other reviews right here.


1. I can’t even get ON the app because it is preparing... before you say “be patient” it has been 45 minutes, if I can get on this, I will write a review... tbc😩

Nice game, but....

I love this game. Yes buying is expensive, and you need to have access to buy everything, not just at your level. I have a REAL ISSUE with the waiting time on your design score. The game gives you a time limit on when you receive your score, but when that time limit is reached, the lingering awaiting response is WAY to long and can go on for more time... hours to several days! PLEASE FIX THIS! It’s ridiculous.

Love the app but

I would give 5 stars for the enjoyment that I have with the design features. The problem I have is.. I noticed that items I have purchased in the past have to be re-purchased again on certain design challenges! How fair it that!! I go to look for an item I know I purchased only to find it’s located under shop!!🤦🏾‍♀️😡

Lots of fun but you get gipped on items

I really enjoy this game. It’s loads of fun to design a room anyway I want. I would have given this game 5 stars if I was able to use my purchased and prize items FOREVER instead of 5 times and then I have to repurchase. That to me makes no sense especially since I have spent a lot of money just to be able to purchase these items. Covet Fashion is the exact same game but with clothing and it does not have his very annoying feature. Had I known it was like this from the beginning, I never would have gotten sucked in and made many purchases.

Great Game!

This game is very addictive. I started playing around a month ago and have not been able to stop playing. The items are beautiful and fun to bring together to make a room complete. Although sometimes I believe the items can be really expensive, and it seems like no matter how much funds I spend it's hard to get a 5 star. I would also like to see more rooms available to design. On free days it's hard to only design 3 or 4 rooms then waits hours before others are available. Overall I enjoy the game!

Game is fun!

I really enjoy this game, the concept is great and the voting system is a good way to gage what you’re creating. Down side in my opinion, everyone designs everything white. I think people need to be more out of the box creative, use some color!

Could be better

This was fun until I ran out of money. Game says you get $500 each day and more when you watch videos, but the cash never appeared on my account. Fun while it lasted. Also didn’t like scrolling down the never ending narrow window of furniture to find and switch out different pieces. I guess it was worth it once I finished each room and was satisfied.


It is a fun and interesting app... unleashes your creativity and love for home design.. awesome!! However furniture and accessories are too expensive forcing us to buy with real money

Expensive and Fun

This is a great game. Fun designing, however I wish once you purchased an item you would own it. Or at the very least have it for more than a game or two. Sometimes the purchase might last for a few designs but that’s it. To expensive to play correctly so many of the rooms you see designed are not complete. If they only made a few changes this would be a great app! But I’m sure they are making $$$$ on it so why change 🤔 Love the furniture choices and being able to see all the different designs.


Highly recommend

I guess 5 equals mediocre

Too many times I see really weak designs that all look roughly the same and duplicate the same picture in every location scoring 5s. It takes away from an otherwise enjoyable activity. Advice to others is to be satisfied with your designs because quite a few cookie cutter staggers are getting all the praise. Thank goodness that there are several very talented designers getting 5s as well.

Fun, but limited

You start out with a decent amount of cash, diamonds and keys, BUT every piece of furniture you buy or win can only be used 5 times. And the items are quite expensive, yet you can’t possibly earn enough daily to buy new items. You have to choose really carefully and cheaply so you make the most of your money/keys/diamonds. I’d give 5 stars if A) items you buy stay in your inventory (maybe just the prizes are limited to 5 uses), and B) give more ways to earn. One additional I’m not a fan of the voting process. It chooses you to pick one over another or both equal. That could be equally like or dislike. Why not make voting PER design...bring up 1 design at a time and users rate 1-5 stars. Hope you consider it!


It's a basic and dumb app. No search options you have to pay to decorate and design waste of time and if you're stupid enough it's also a waste of money

Enjoy game

I love this game but after the last update on it, it restarted my game. It kept my level, but I lost all my inventory, diamonds, and coins. Now I can’t really do much but the daily challenge and maybe one more a day, but they are the bare minimum of design, because I have nothing to do other challenges with. I was really enjoying the game and played several times a day, now I can’t.

Not voting for any room with the black circle rug

How to people continue to win by not following the home owners design requests? Makes no sense if the object of the game is design.

Trade in

1/21/18: The game has been experiencing serious problems for the last 3 days. I cant see my own designs or others in order to be able to vote. I hope they offer some kind of compensation. It’s a very expensive game to play. I’ve spent a lot of money on it. I hope it’s not crashing and burning. The app is really great ~ except I wish they offered a way to sell back furniture. I love that they award prizes for good designs, but some are pieces I don’t want to use. I wish they would offer something like half the diamonds in exchange for turning the prize in. Or allow some kind of choice for the prize. It’s so much fun to design and compete against other players. I play every day.

Fun but could use improvement

I love this game and the variety of furniture! I wish that when you purchase an item, it would remain yours. Furniture costs a lot of money and diamonds and it would be nice to not waste money just to use an item a few times. I think it would be more fun to build up your inventory and not lose that inventory.

Keeps freezing

Don't get me wrong I do like this game. But every time it does it's mandatory update it keeps running slow. The last updated version keeps freezing in the middle of a design!!! It's starting to frustrate the heck out of me. Please fix this app/problem!

Offers are scams

Wish I can put NEGATIVE 2 stars!!! The game is fun until you complete these offers that DO NOT PAY you the diamonds all you can do is report just yesterday I reported 4 apps and they only send you an email to send screen shots!! THE PROBLEM IS THE DESING YOU WANT TO enter will be GONE around the time they decide to give you diamonds DAYYYYSSSS later ..ITS NOT WORTH IT !!!!


This game has really gone down hill. It’s practically impossible to earn diamonds unless you want all of your personal contact information sold to spam companies OR you PAY for subscriptions to things like “Hair growth serum” or “Highlights”. The developers of this game are solely interested in making as much money as they can and don’t care about the enjoyment or privacy of those who play.

Could use some more options...

-Allow the option of using cash for purchase when running low in diamonds. -Provide an accent chair to match the new sofa, dining room chairs and armchairs. -Provide more categories, I.e. French style, Renaissance, etc.

Love the game, no tech support

I love the game, however,I have unsuccessfully contacted tech support about the fact that I cannot make in game purchases. One would think someone would want to resolve the issue as I’m assuming this is how they make money. I’m frustrated and annoyed because I do like the game but can’t play well without making purchases.

Design of game operations is ratchet

Wall art should be available for $ and not exclusively for diamonds. Any furniture priced over $5k is pathetic & ridiculous. Furniture sold is for 5 uses only then must be repurchased... this is a joke.

Needs help

This game is great. One of the best apps i’ve ever had. There’s two things that need to be fixed; if you purchase something, since it’s so expensive to begin with you should have it for forever and it should not limit you to how many times you can use that item. Second, everything is so expensive and it’s so hard to get money sometimes! I really hope you guys take this into consideration bc it would really help your app in the future!


This game is really fun except you have to wait too long to get more money to play. And after you buy items you can only use a certain number of times and then have to rebuy them! It would be so much better if once you buy an item it was yours to keep!

Its really amazing

I love the game and have been addicted to it. There are things that i would like added to the game, like ways to get more diamonds 💎 instead of like a little bit for your daily reward. Also i would like if you got to always keep the item and not run out then you could have more choices instead of wasting your coins on the stuff you already had. I also think that when voting it should be based on what the theme was and not how people like the design of it, or people go way off of the theme but still win either way 😕. Also just an opinion i think that you should be able to look up friends names on the game, because i have a best friend that has the game but i cant see her designs because i cant search her name on the app 🙁. So those are my opinions on the game and i really really belive that you should add in name searching just saying😜!!! I think you should really get the game its very addicting and good quality and graphics!!!!!!! 😁🙃 👍🏻❤️

Much needed improvements...

Loving the app; insanely addicted but judging community need color scheme guidelines. All designs cannot be all one color (finding all white, grey or black wins over creative designs). Also, daily allotment stars is 500? Basically everything costs over 800. Daily star allotment should increase by $1000. Because a basic design costs over $29,000. Also once you purchase the furniture it should be in use for about a month instead of 5x usage. Addicted but the cost to maintain playing is way too high!!!

Love to design

I love to pick out and design the homes. I am really addicted to this game. However, I do have to say it is frustrating to have the game crash on you as much as it does even if I clear the cache and I turn my iPad off and on. I have many times gotten my room almost complete and it will crash and have to be reopened and start all over again. I hope they can fix that someway so that it will quit crashing. Also I am not one for spending money all the time on games and it is extremely hard to complete the challenges without buying diamonds. The furniture items that are required are lots a time very expensive. You should be able to purchase items for walls and tables without diamonds because 500 diamonds is not enough to be able to buy plants and items and who can afford to buy diamonds every day. I try so hard to get good reviews but unless you buy the extra items that doesn't seem possible. They need to have at last 2 paintings and plants you can buy with your money and also the children's items.

Poor customer service

I don’t have a Facebook account and only played this game from one device which is my phone. I lost all of my inventory, most of which I foolishly acquired by spending my personal money. I contacted customer service 3x and they completely ignored me. I deleted the app and I will never again play this game. It’s not about the entertainment at the end of the day, the customer service that receive is more important to me.

Be prepared for constant in-game purchases

Fun app, but if you want to enjoy it daily be prepared to invest money in order to purchase in-game cash and diamonds. Also, you lease furniture and accessories for 5 uses only, after that you have to pay for it again and again. Some designs require 4 paintings and 3 table accessories. Why not let us keep the accessories ? There is no way to make enough cash and diamonds to decorate the way you like unless you are willing to pay more. So even if you purchase $100 worth of game cash and diamonds you will be out of money soon enough.

Too hard to earn diamonds :(

Been playing this game for a long time, and I absolutely adore it. But, it is nearly impossible to earn diamonds for wall art or table decor. It’s even worse now that Tapjoy was removed. If it was easier to acquire diamonds, it would be 10 stars.

Needs a bigger picture selection!

I love this game! But we need a bigger picture selection!!!


I am so angry because everything is so expensive,the rewards are so low because you spend about 50,000 dollars every time you enter into a contest,you give us a terrible amount of money when you start playing the game.I have just got it and played it for 10 minutes and I can already tell you how bad it is.This is why I gave this one star and if I could I could give this zero stars I would.By the way you guys make us pay way to much for money and diamonds and keys and everything kinda forces you to pay money!!!!🤬🤯👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Fixer upper

If you like you design with more options and no running out of cash so fast I’d recommend fixer upper. I keep running out of money bc i don’t get to keep anything I purchase like furniture, beds, etc.

Poor Customer Service...this game will steal from you.

*update 1/20/18. My email has gone unanswered. My in-game ticket has had no further responses. I updated to the latest version and it has not restored my inventory. I will have to seek a refund from Apple for my in-game purchases...I would recommend the app “House Flip with Chip and Jo” instead of this one. *update 1/13/18. As instructed, I have reached out to the email included in the response to my review. I will update if there is a resolution. All previous attempts to resolve were unanswered with an in-app customer service ticket. The more/longer you play, the more variety of inventory you will build up which is key to completing challenges. Then add in some purchases that you regrettably made with real money. Imagine one day, your house burns down and you realize you have no insurance. All your worldly possessions are gone and you have to start from scratch. That is the game you are playing when you play this game.

Never received my Purchase

I don’t like this App, I purchased three sets of diamonds in a special sale that was going on and never received it. Although it said the sale was successful.

Addicting but keeps freezing

Title says it all.


I’ve been using this game for a while and now all of a sudden after the new update I can no longer rotate my screen. My phone is messed up and I cant press anything on the right side so I have to flip my phone in order to press the design buttons. Now that it won’t rotate I can’t play):


This game is pretty good and fun but I wish there was a free play mode where we could use anything we want to design cool rooms. I got this app thinking that this was in here so I could experiment with a bedroom design and was very disappointed when it wasn’t. Other than that it’s a good game.

Fun game...too expensive to play

This is a fun and addicting game. However, the prizes for winning and the daily awards are so minimal that I end up spending more money than I would like on this game making it too expensive to play. Therefore, I am deleting the app from my phone which is a shame because I enjoyed playing.

Love it but it’s expensive

To have access to great furniture and decor requires spending a lot of money. I’m looking for an alternative....

Learn how to do math?

I like this app. It’s fun to play, and if you only do a design or two a day and are careful to buy cheaper furniture whenever possible, you won’t run out of money or diamonds, but that takes some of the fun out of it. I agree with all of the complaints I have read from others. A lot of the art work stinks, and especially in the beginning stages you are limited to a very small number of choices with no chance to buy more until you level up. But my biggest complaint is that they need to learn how to do math. In their own help menus it says your star score is based on the average of your designs. So I figured out my own average score when my star number suspiciously dropped lower than any of my previous scores. I have a 3.68 “average” (in quotes because they don’t know how to calculate averages. My real average is a 4.03. All of my scores have been above what they currently say my average is. They send you scores in your inbox so you have a record of how you have been doing. Getting on the leader board will be impossible if they purposely give yo a lower average score than you ever earn. Sigh. Seriously, people.

Design Home

Love this game, my granddaughter & I enjoy playing & sharing our designs! Look forward to a lot more challenges. Wish the room décor (pics, plants, etc.) were more affordable.

Soooo slow.....

Cmon guys, you said it was fixed. NEWSFLASH IT NOT.


I tried to complete a challenge but I had to use three rugs but it would only let me use one? Looped. I gave up and deleted the app.

Playing for over a year (used to be 5 star)

After playing for over a year, I'm finding that the new system frustrating and very faulty. 90% of the time diamonds don't come through, they want you to send a screen shot to prove you've done the task. Also most tasks require you to start a "free trial" and provide your valid credit card info. (this is to the extreme) Lastly, there needs to be a way to sort furniture items by price, it takes too long to go through all available pieces to complete a challenge.

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