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Love the game but wish I got more diamonds an not hv to buy them

Revamping the scoring system would be a +

Disappointed in the scoring system. The winning rooms are replicated week after week. Challenge us. Dare to be different. Also, let us borrow more.

Need to revamp

It takes to much to get to the next level Your judged with people on other levels with different wall art The same settings for industrial design ( brick wall etc) Tired of Mediterranean and rustic

Money Trap Game, long explanation!

I wanted to start with What a fun and engaging game this was when I started less than a month ago. I have learned that customer service does nothing. There seems no effort to improve while people keep spending. I’ll break it down for you: 1) Daily log in gives you 500 gems 2) Watch 20 videos per day to earn additional 300 gems 3) When you submit your daily design, you earn $2500 4) So now you have 800 gems, $2500 cash you can use to purchase the requirements for the next challenge. 5) Challenge will reward you with a new furniture piece selected as the prize, should you rate a 4.0 or higher in the voting system. 6) Voting system is a joke so I would suggest you only buy black or white furniture because the majority of winning designs are built around this. 7) Because Challenges have requirements, you may be asked to fill 8 pieces from the same furniture designer, darn, that cash and gems isn’t going to be enough seeing most of the decent items cost over $2000 or 2000 gems. And that is low to mid range furniture. Oops, better run out and get yourself an iTunes card to get more gems. I’m serious, you’ll need lots more cash to keep playing this game! I actually sent in the below suggestions for the design team but I got the impression they really didn’t care to much. Sad because I could see some real potential for this game.. Suggestions for improvements: 1) It would be nice if the items in the STORE had little ❤️ icons that could be clicked on or off as favorites, allowing those items to be moved up to the top of the shopping list so they can be easily found later for purchasing. 2) I would love to see inventory sorting options, similar to what you have in place for the store, this would allow you to see what you currently have available in stock and what quantity. 3) Unwanted single items tend to build up in your inventory that could be placed on a SALE board, allowing the owner to reclaim the cost of that one item to use toward the purchase of a new set of items. This could benefit those players who need just 1 more chair to complete there design but may not have enough gems or $ for a full 5 pack. 4) I think it would be cool if the staging rooms would allow players put together their design, letting the game add up the room cost as they go and giving a total at the end of your design. If you choose to purchase all unpaid items, you would have that option before you submit your final design. If the game search engine allowed you to search the SALE board for one items, you could find that more players could enter some of the challenges that they couldn’t have before. 5) Should you consider these improvements, I could foresee Your team of design programmers developing an upgrade pack that would give players the option to create a piece of art, frame it, submit for approval, if approved, the designer would have free rights to the piece of art and be allowed to sell the art in the SHOP to earn revenue. I can truly see potential for growth in this game and it would bring your ratings up, maybe bringing back those who have left some negative reviews recently. I want to thank you for the hours of entertainment and your consideration to the ideas I have presented. I hope my suggestions will be considered and maybe voted on by the gaming community for acceptance and improvement to long-standing gameplay! 🤗


I am very upset about not receiving my diamonds. I have had this problem starting at the beginning of this month. I’ve made contact about this problem but to no avail I haven’t received any help or a refund. Ive tried everything I could do to possibly receive my diamonds. Nothing has worked. I’ve been playing Design Home for almost two years and it is the only game app that I have on my phone. I absolutely love to design and am at the highest level. I need either a refund or all of the diamonds that I’ve purchased. Please help with this. Thanks a bunch.


I love playing the game using different colors it feels as if I am a designer

Crashes too much..

I've never played a game that crashed so much. I'm surprised if I get through one room without it running super slow and/or crashing at least 5 times. (I WISH I was joking.) It makes it frustrating. And I know it isn't my tablet because everything else runs fine and my internet connection is great. I'd give it more stars if that was better.

New levels needed

It’s frustrating that the game is so slow to put out new levels. I’m losing interest when there is no motivation in order to continue to get new artwork and plants. They also have no customer service support and do not respond to their customers.


I’m literally getting so sick of this game the voting structure is HORRIBLE. People never stick to the style and rooms with high contrast win or rooms with bad designs that just happened to get a lot of votes. Also they put bad designs against other bad designs and good designs against only other good designs so that means if you have a really good design but it’s put against someone else with a really good design you could end up with a score lower than if you just made a bad design. I’ve had so many rooms with no artwork no rugs or extras get a 4.00 star and so many good rooms not even make it to a 4.00 while I’ve also had a very few 5.00 star designs but all with black and white designs. It’s ridiculous. Also people vote for keys so no way of knowing who’s actually voting or who’s just clicking at random to get more keys. It’s so disheartening when you actually put effort into your design. Seriously change this and you’ll get so much more money and more players.

Thumbs up 👍

It’s fun to see all the different ideas I can come up with. It’s very addictive game. It offers a huge variety of items.

Follow directions

I enjoy this game, and love to see how others interpret the design for each room. My only complaint, which has nothing to do with the game itself, is when told to design a Mediterranean room, r a room with a French influences, etc. so many people just design the room, many of which are beautiful, but have no design details influenced by the stated design style.


Takes my mind off everything for a while

If you earned money you should be able to by diamonds with that money!

I enjoyed playing and sharing with my FB friends!

Good pastime

Gets redundant. Needs more variety and bigger inventory in some areas especially children’s toys and furniture


There is a Care2 ad currently on th game that graphically depicts a tortured racoon. I don't know what kind of irresponsible and inept employee allowed this to be put up, but don't play this or allow young people to play this unless you think this is okay. People play games to get a break from life. Maybe you need reminding of this. I don' know that I a can ever play the game again. Thanks for ruining it.


I enjoy this app, but I wish rewards were greater in depth almonds.


I love this game. It is addicting. But there are some things I don’t like about it. I think the voting is somewhat of a joke. The ratings you get back from it doesn’t even make sense at times. I think you have to boat too often, I think it takes a long time to accumulate keys and they’re used fast when you make a design. I think the diamonds are slow and hard to come by. If you want any of your designs to look good you have to purchase plants, artwork and other decor with diamonds Or you won’t get a good score. They have ways for you to earn extra diamonds but those offers are completely bogus. Don’t waste your time trying to fill out surveys or watch different things because they don’t seem to honor what you did and you never receive diamonds. I have a love-hate relationship with this game. I love to design things but the voting and the diamonds and the keys are what makes me want to walk away from it many times.

Horrible customer service and support

The fun of designing rooms with this app is completely null and void if you ever have to deal with their customer support. The main currency used in the game is “Diamonds”, if you run out you can buy more or wait until you get more the next day. When the game glitches and takes over 5000 diamonds from you, don’t expect customer service to reimburse it. In fact, don’t even expect your inquiries to be replied to replies to until several days have passed. I will never spend another real dollar on this app again and I warn others to be careful.

Horrible customer support

Well I have lost everything that I earned and bought in this game!!! I was on level 32 and all of a sudden I was starting over at level 1!!!! I have contacted support every day for about a week and nothing has been done to restore my game!!!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Love this game but it’s difficult to get enough diamonds to buy pictures/plants etc.


The app is great, rarely any issues. I would give this game a 5 if it were not for the frustration over the voting.

Amazing Game, Room for Improvement

This game is addicting, especially if you are into interior design . They are getting better at creating different and unique spaces in various parts of the world. The furniture is nice and varies, of course the nicer, more unique items are more expensive but the point is to work within your budget. I do wish there were goals incorporated, for example, a reward for hitting 10, 5 star ratings. I also wish there was a way to have friends in the game that aren’t just your Facebook friends. The daily reward can be a little higher but between the free earnings and surveys you can make it work. Also perhaps adding a ‘Design Home’ collection with more affordable items with basic colors & designs .. (for rugs) . Other than that , it is amazing game and can’t wait for updates .


Love the new midnight decor wish it would always be available!

Star ratings

I get discouraged by some of the star ratings I receive when I know mine are better than some that are shown on your 5star displays. Nothing I can do about it I realize. I still enjoy playing this

Fun home design app

This is a really fun app if you like home design. I have turned on several friends and relatives to the app and so I can also see their designs and compete for the best score.

I love this game.

I’ve been playing for a couple years, I love it.

Too expensive

They raised prices on the furniture on top of that once you buy it you can only use it 5 times. Everything nice and new is for a limited time so you have to buy a ton of it and the regular day to day stuff is the same boring decor so you really can’t create anything unique or different.


I love this game I play it every day I am addicted🤪

Need more ways to earn diamonds

I love playing this game! However, we should be able to have additional ways to earn diamonds or be able to buy some of the artwork and accessories with money.

Design Home

Love playing the game but acquiring furniture and accessories is too costly! It is frustrating so most of the time I don't do the designs. Voting is irrational! Literally just keep hitting buttons because I’ve seen the 5.0 winners and they don’t even follow what the prompt says about the room to be designed. For instance, I have seen ski pictures in a tropical home win. It’s insane and some of the winners absolutely hideous. Some are nice. There has to be a better voting system. The game is fun to play but I really can’t afford it!

Home design

You don’t get enough diamonds to really get what you want you go to claim free diamonds and complete the the rewards and still no diamonds


I think people at each level should be judged, not all levels in the same challenge. People in higher levels attain more prizes and I think your work is sometimes judged by how much you have purchased, to add to your inventory, for the game. Not realistic. Also, I feel the artwork/accessories are very limited, in comparison to rugs, furniture and lighting.


The daily reward is nice but you don’t give us enough. Would be nice to get a lil bit more so we all can enjoy go play!

Great at but still wish for more

It’s a great application. I just wish we could make more interior design decisions window treatments, wall colors etc.

Love It

I really enjoy designing more than I thought I would. The only problem I have with this is the way we get judged on our rooms. Sometimes I feel like I have been cheated out of a better score because of the possibility of more people not voting.

Need more choices

More colors needed mauve lavender also it’s like we repeat samedesigns everyday need more choices to design alsoBurgandys

Expensive Game

This game has too many items that are overall pricey to even purchase with your 500 diamonds you get free every day and the items can only be placed 5 times and after that you have to repurchase, point is you have to pay real money and a lot of it to actually enjoy this game

Home design

Not enough opportunities to get diamonds without spending money to finish designs.

Great app needs fine tuning.

Cons 1)The wait time between each design can either be immediate, a five hour wait or anywhere in between (MY CURRENT WAIT TIME IS 4hr 50min which prompted this review) when you really like a game you want to keep playing!!!! 2)The voting is done by everyone based on if they like/dislike not by if the person followed the criteria of the design so a person with no design experience and someone with a lot is judging and affecting your overall score of the design. 3)you should get more money or stars on a design based on how much you spent not just the generic flat fee 4) the actual design could look a little more realistic Pros I have so many but I’ll just name a few... 1) these are real life items you can purchase 2) nice intro into the design to set the tone 3) no need to play a silly game to go to the next design 4) it’s nice to see other designs

Learn how to design while playing

I’ve learned so much about interior design by using this app. I love it and my home decor has gone up several levels since playing!


I have enjoyed playing for about 2 years now.


Sometimes the voting seems kind of slanted. I KNOW it’s an aesthetically pleasing design but you throw it down under 4.0 way too often. Some of your requirements are ridiculously high and many times I think of just not participating til I get bored. Your Wall Art and accessories are way too expensive. I am VERY reluctant to spend any money on this game now because of those reasons. The thrill is gone.

Actually fun; needs work

Pretty fun. Only thing I hate is Rhita totally rigged. It will say a picture is too big to fit in your room BUT try to get u to buy one the exact same size. Hell im not stupid! Nor will I buy a single thing to play a game!


In this app you’re basically buying “uses” of each item. Unlike the other Covet app where you buy things and keep them. It makes it frustrating to play. It still has that creative outlet if you need it.




I am putting 5 starts just because it will appear first but really this serves 0. I use to play this every day . It was my favorite until it logged me out. I had so much saved and done and it just took out all my history. My Facebook account was not linked and when I linked it that’s when everything went away. I wish I could have it back. It honestly was one of my fav games but unfortunately this happened. If any app developer sees this, could you help? Thanks

Lost a years worth of activity

After the last update, I lost it all. I’m on my phone, logged into my facebook and the app restart links only to my husbands Facebook account and his email.


I think they need to figure out a better voting method. They put the best designs against each other and then the ugly ones against each other.

My Opinion

I like playing this Design game, there are times when I feel that you only get the 5star rating when you spend money on the game though....

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