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Game is great BUT......

I think the game is great in all but there is a lot of things that you can do to make it better I will give you some ideas like lower prices for furniture more fun houses 🏡 to decorate And you can let the players see who voted for your house 🏠

Too expensive

You have to spend money to get more expensive items and then those are only good for 5 uses then you have to buy again. If you buy items, have them available 10 times. The accessories like plants and pictures need money. Don't do the supposed free items unless you want viruses on your unit. Took a while to fix my pad.

Score and rankings are not legitimate

It's fun to design rooms but there's no way the actual voting of others designs are accurate. Rooms that are designed in a haphazard way get more so called "votes" than other more nicely decorated rooms. I have run experiments on this and it proved to be true. This game isn't a serious challenge against other competitors, so if you don't care of that matters then this is the game for you.

Good but could be better

I absolutely love this app! Especially since I want to be an interior designer when I grow up. This app is really fun and can stretch your imagination. One thing I would like to have added is a freestyle. You could make a freestyle option where you can choose a room and design it freely.

EXPENSIVE, not to scale, selection low on many items

1) items not to scale. Close to half of the items are the incorrect scale. One item will be twice the size of another another item in the same category. 2) I'm on level 14, have spent dozens of hours earning (mostly not receiving) diamonds and still do not have much of an assortment of items to purchase from for wall art, table top art, and plants. Most items are locked. 3-6 items are unlocked for each million diamonds you spend (The game gives you 150/day and is rarely enough to buy one small item). Watching one ad is worth 15 diamonds ( not one item worth) 3) selection is low. Especially for floor lamps, table art, wall art, plants, and area rugs. It is common to not have access to anything suitable. 4) sometimes the outcome of judging seems unbelievable 5) once you watch hundreds of ads to afford an item. You can use it 5 times. Sometimes, a challenge will require 4-6 of them (6 dining chairs, 4 living room arm chairs... Who puts one sofa and four upholstered arm chairs around it?. For this reason, half of the challenge submissions have all kinds of weird, non-matching items just to earn the $500 toward a partial item for another challenge. This makes judging frustrating and feels like a waste a lot of time doing the required judging. It shows I have a couple dozen friends who have played this game. Only one still plays and she pays $ hundreds for diamonds. I've decided to try a different app and not interested in this one anymore

Love Designing- Voting is Screwy

The design part of the game is great. Of course they have it set up to strongly encourage people to spend money in order to be able to make better designs. My biggest complaint is the voting. They say that the pairing of designs is random but you can tell that it is not. You can see patterns in the pairings. The number of stars you get is dependent upon which designs you are paired with. If you have a really good design consistently paired against bad designs, you will easily get 5 stars. However if the same really good design is consistently paired with excellent designs you may only get 3.99 stars and miss out on the prizes. There are many times when my design or that of a friend is essentially the same as one of the highest ranked designs for that challenge but we don’t even get 4 stars.

bad game.

i like the game but when i get an item i deletes something else 👎👎👎👎👎👎💩

Awesome game

Great game. Sometimes scoring seems random. But I am truly addicted!


Addicted! Wish I had unlimited money...

Fun, addictive,but needs improvement

For those who enjoy decorating it is fun, but can be frustrating at times. For instance the scenario may boast of a magnificent view, then their placement of furniture puts the back of a sofa to the beautiful view. I would love to be able to place the furniture myself so it makes sense. Many times the top rated designs dont follow the scenario. Recently it asked for a renaissance style, but none of the top designs styled with renaissance, but modern or contemporary. Those of us with renaissance style, which is not popular got low scores. Should be rated by professional designers only.

Quit paying for diamonds!!

I’m going to reinforce what many others have stated. This game is awesome. I love the concept and wouldn’t even mind spending money (and I’ve spent loads of it on here!!) IF THE VOTING WAS FAIR. Each design has challenges to meet. If you attempt to style the room accordingly, you won’t win the vote. Ever. If you design with a modern, trendy look - especially in black and white - you win! Here’s a suggested solution for the developers... show how many items fit the requirements of the game on the voting screens - or how many do not. Let us decide when we vote, does this person who created a beautiful black and white room and met only minimum requirements deserve to win? Or this person that actually created a rustic, woodsy look deserve to win? What’s the goal of the game? If it is indeed to create the exact same look over and over again, then I’m out.

Where do I start?

Fun, addictive and very expensive to play. I've spent $$ playing this and the voting on it is ridiculous! I believe my designs qualify for more than what I'm getting? I agree with many on these reviews about being unfair on design challenges. I have done exactly what the challenge asked for i.e. Rustic, Contemporary, Modern and so on...However I noticed at the end of voting people don't follow the rules and receive a 5*..That puzzles me? After about a month of spending some serious money I'm not at all inspired on playing this game anymore. How can they vote on designs that are not meeting the challenge required? I am starting to believe the voting is rigged as one person mentioned earlier. There are a lot bugs and the only thing I am doing is making this app a whole lot of money as well as others mentioned fun! My designs follow the rules but after seeing everyone else's designs I'm reconsidering as it seems everyone else is doing there own thing. The challenges require certain furniture criteria and believe me they cost. And yes I do vote but for the proper criteria. If it doesn't meet the required I just =...if it meets the criteria and I feel it's worth voting for then I will vote on that persons designs, gender is not an issue as one guy mentioned. How is the voting done is my question? I know it's just a game, but come on I've spent some serious money playing this addictive game because it's fun to design a home and meet the challenges required. How many people really follow the rules? Honestly, I don't think the company cares how we feel about how the game is played as long as their making money on us! Hopefully they will read all our "Reviews" here and make the necessary changes? Who knows? I am giving this game a 2* "Review"

Fun Decorating

A fun app if you feel the need to decorate!


If you run out of money (fake)you don’t get any more and with out money fake) you can’t play the game

Good but

I am in the first challenge and the game keeps craping out........

Promising, but some downside

Update: More about the judging Do people vote based on the requirements of the particular house? If would help if the app reminded people what the requirements were (Red items, party; and perhaps define eclectic.) I really feel like it’s a conformist style in the ratings. White furniture in the bedroom. Black in living rooms. I admit I’m not a designer and don’t know the trends (don’t care to). But please provide more guidelines for voting. That and I don’t always design a room because I don’t have the funds to buy the required items. End of update adding this: I don’t understand the judging. Would you really hang the same picture twice in your home? Does all furniture have to be black and/or white to win a rating of four or higher? I know it’s subjective voting by fellow game players, but I wish items were cheaper and voters appreciated more colors. ⭐️ When I first downloaded this game, I had no idea how long the money and diamonds would last, how they were earned. Advice: don't be in a hurry to spend all your cash. You don't earn a lot, and houses have goals. Most of the furniture is a thousand or more. I get one pice of furniture away from finishing, then have to bail out. Why can you spend the cash and diamonds to buy all the furnishings, only to have them unavailable with other houses? Some items are available some aren't. Why❓ If this game had its way, you'd buy the same furnishings multiple times. I don't know if the game benefits financially from the real life design companies it offers links to. If so, why be so wishy-washy on what items we do or don't get to use over?? It's an attractive designed game. Some of the rooms look fabulous. The designers deserve credit for that. But again, please, if I bought an item for another house, can it please be available for every other house? Because this area is inconsistent, and that isn't fair.

Great game

Love it

In theory fun

But it doesn’t take you where it says. Second challenge was supposed to be a living room. Not a kids room with balloon wallpaper. Plus the instructions weren’t clear.

Would have been 5 stars but

Developers are not reading reviews that complain about the game crashing. I have tried to submit a design 9 times! It tells me it will save the design while I go vote for enough keys to enter. Half way through getting the keys it crashes and I end up with no keys acquired and I have to build my design AGAIN. You also should be able to sort items for purchase by designer name/price low to high etc. and I agree purchased items should be ours for more than 5 uses and we should get the option to buy them again at a discount like 1/2 price if it is a useful piece we love. Otherwise I'm a fan.

Ripped off

I agree with the earlier reviews about the non existent customer service. The app won't let me in now and I am out a lot of money I was forced to spend in the game. Was fun while it worked but I want back what they owe me

Really fun-but costs too much

I've been playing this for a couple of weeks and I really think it's pretty good, especially the feedback from the voting. The furniture selection is great, and they are adding new stuff regularly. Added 11/18/2017 In app purchases are necessary to be successful and to advance at a reasonable rate. This app must be for professional designers with hefty incomes. I really love playing Design Home, but I see myself quitting soon because I can't afford to keep spending my money just so that I can enjoy playing. Ultimately, if you really enjoy playing this, you will find that if you want to play more than one round per day, score well, and advance levels you must spend your own money. Here's why: Certainly, you can play without spending your own money. There is a small bonus each day when you launch the app. Also there is a daily room design that is more flexible than the requirements in the challenges. But high scores in a challenge round will bring you a furniture prize, but you have to own the pieces that the challenge requires in order to play. Each piece of furniture is a few hundred to thousands of game dollars. And after you've used a piece 5 times, you have to buy it again. With respect to the earlier crashing issues: Thank you to developers for their prompt response. And looks like to recent update resolved the problems.

Same as Covet...buyer beware

Same company as Covet Fashion. Same basic principle. Lots of game issues that will never be addressed as the game is obviously intended to separate you from your wallet. If you'd like to spend a fair amount of money on a game you enjoy, I like this one much better than Covet. Less drama..more fun. Of course, I like designing rooms far more than fashions so there's that. I enjoy it but it is expensive to play.

lovee itt🐘🌿

this app is so great!! it's really fun, and so addicting. you should totally get ittt😇

Soooo Fun

I absolutely love this game it is so relaxing and amazing if you want a fun game get this one.


I love the game it's fun to play sometimes the troubleshooting slow right now it doesn't want to come up on my tablet keeps going off something must be wrong I hope they fix it quick

Same designs win five star

Lots of fun to play. However, many of the rooms that win a five star rating are tacky and over decorated. It's frustrating to get a lower score than someone who uses every optional space to decorate. Examples are: candles in a child's play room, mix matched pictures to fill every wall, over sized outdoor plants in a room that requires are more modern minimalist design. The same designs win every time. Black and white rugs, over sized plants and ever wall decorated. I understand it's the voters that determine the rating, but it would good to have short tutorials on design basics and limitations and common sense on design.

Not great

Not only is the app designed so that you can never sustain a certain amount of money to continue playing without visiting the in-game store. But also people are terrible at voting. For example, if the description says to design for an industrial style room, people don't design it that way and those that do don't get good ratings on their designs. The idea of the game is good, but it isn't made in a way that would make it more enjoyable to play.

Great app

What an awesome app I ❤️❤️❤️it!!!

Used to be good

With these last 2 updates and the iOS 11 update there is a bug that gives me a notice that says “please restart game” when I’m entering a challenge. I am also having an issues when I purchase items the game is doubling my purchase without my consent and I am running out of money. When I brought the doubling up to customer service I was told I couldn’t get a refund. To be clear I never asked for a refund. This doubling has happened several times I just want whatever bug it is fixed since once I click to buy I have no control if I’ll get charged once or twice.

Only one thing keeping it from perfect

Absolutely love this game. Wish more design challenges were available quicker. I’d play so much more!


I love working on the designs and the shopping choices. This app is fun and relaxing.

Very disappointed

I feel a very big disappointment with this game not only because they do not judge the designs by professionals and win those who have no idea of ​​decorating. What bothers me most is how one strives to win the diamonds by completing the offers like the Final Fantasy XV which asked me to download the game, take Citadel to level 10 and they would reward me with 84 985 Diamonds and they never gave them to me. It is a very great lack of respect and a scam if we consider that I had to spend dollars to get to Citadel 10 in Final Fantasy. I have claimed my reward many times and continue to ignore me, to the point that I will have to stop playing. Desing for lack of Diamonds, which are necessary to continue playing. I'm going to give Home Desing a chance to respond to what my rights are, then I will have to spend all my energies in making this scam public by all possible means.

Won’t even load

I would give this zero stars if I could. I’ve tried several time to use the app and it never loads past the first screen. Customer support was of no help telling me to restart my phone. I have plenty of free storage, everything is up to date and even tried reinstalling the app. Don’t waste your time.

Addicting! Could use a few tweaks...

I love this app. I look forward to having some down time to design a room or two. This is really fun. Things I would change include the voting system, purchase options, and room accessory options. Others have said the voting system is flawed and I agree...too many winners don't design to match the assigned style and others are giving them stars because, yes, the room looks nice...but if it doesn't conform to the given parameters then what's the point. Also I'd love more options for accessories like table top items, and throw pillows would be great too. They can tie a room together. And someone else said the wall art options are too limited and I agree. Finally, I too hate that I can't have more than two un-purchased items in a room at once. It's too hard to get an idea how your room will look if they keep disappearing- and then I have to go back and sort through the choices all over again. All in all, though, I very much enjoy this game/app.

Why do we need to rebuy things we already bought

Great game. I started playing it because I love covet fashion for years and like the game style. Problems with game and why I gave it 1 star is its terrible that you can only use an item 5 times and then you have to rebuy it....hmmmmm nope, NOT COOL. If I buy something (like in Covet Fashion) it should stay in your inventory, not loose it.

Love it!

I play every day and love it. I just wish it weren't so stingy with the diamonds and cash.

So much fun

Patience and strategy is a must! I think the limitation of using this app 100% free requires a lot of creativity and on the positive side, hones your skills. I love this app and appreciated the updates to fix the bugs. The downside, despite of following the design/challenge theme, and effective executed the design, you will still be voted 3 stars. Frustrating because it’s unfair, and those who have 5 stars even did the design the other direction- and worst, completely opposite.

Great app with SERIOUS limitation

My family loves this game and had four different family members playing on four different devices. HOWEVER, the app designers didn't integrate this game with the latest Apple update, and now we all share one Design Home account under our Apple ID. This means 3 of us LOST OUR DESIGNS, purchases, etc., COMPLETELY. We are extremely unhappy about this in and of itself. But to make matters worse, I've contacted customer support multiple times with NO RESPONSE. I recognize that in an ideal world, we could leverage family sharing, but providing unique Apple ID's to our children poses other challenges we're not ready to tackle. All other games we play (Candy Crush, Geometry Dash, etc.) are UNIQUE TO DEVICE, NOT APPLE ACCOUNT, and allow each family member to play at our own levels on our own devices. If you plan to download this game onto multiple devices for multiple people, PROCEED WITH CAUTION. I hope the app developers resolve this issue because this is one our family's favorite games to play. But considering WE'VE LOST MULTIPLE DOLLARS AND HOURS SPENT, I'm forced to leave a one-star review. If I receive a reply and resolution from customer support, I'm happy to raise my rating back to a satisfied customer.

My Favorite Game

This game is fun and addicting! So many nice rooms and pieces of furniture to choose from! Only downside is having to buy or watch videos for diamonds to buy things.


Fun game


Don't bother with the survey or purchases. You won't get diamonds! I bought $80 worth of product at petmeds and haven't received a single diamond for the app. I emailed customer service 2 times in a week and they haven't responded (even though their automated reply says they will get back to you within 24 hrs). Don't bother buying anything or even playing. It isn't worth it. Esp since the makers of this app obviously only care about the money and not their customers. Update: after the customer service comment below I emailed them for the 3rd time and did not receive a reply. I wish I could give negative reviews. It is NEVER acceptable to take people's money and not give them what they paid for. Update: I have not received any diamonds or any response from customer service. Lost faith in this app.

iTunes account hacked!

Both this app and COVET allowed my iTunes payment account to be hacked/accessed (whatever you want to call it) and drained thousands of dollars. I am truly serious. I was hospitalized due to a panic attack and at no time did the developer(s) reply to my requests for information, nor did Apple do anything to assist. Maybe this is one of those ‘random flukes’ ... but I doubt it and have nothing positive to say about this developer or Apple’s failure to correct a potentially life-threatening situation.

Bad customer service

The game can be fun and addictive,but you need to spend quite a lot to move to the next level The prizes that I won just in a very few times increased my inventory numbers so this makes even more difficult and slower the chances to move ahead Most of The art wall, plants and table art are ugly and on the top you need to keep buying them over and over to be able to decorate I complained several times: through emails, phone calls, etc no one had helped me and when they finally answered my complaints nothing happened, they never gave me a positive solution Customer service is really frustrating!!! The company claims that make millions of dollars and yet they can't provide a good and decent customer service On the top every time that I complained every time that I get worst and worst scores!!! Coincidence?? I don't think so So the app should be name money pit: spend a lot of money and we will care less about our customers

Horrible customer service

Full of spam. Does not supply with promised rewards. Tried to contact customer service many times, but no response.

Fun until you run out of diamonds and get screwed by TapJoy

The game is addictive for sure and I like learning about real furniture available for purchase in your own home and getting to try things out by designing other homes. I agree with others that people aren’t necessarily held accountable for overall decor that the challenge requires. Your also designing for the players likenesses, which seem to be either black and white or blue and white themed rooms. Makes it pretty boring. I’d like to see more new furniture and furniture that retires to keep things fresh. Not enough diamonds are given daily - you run out of them so fast. I’m down to buying the cheapest plants and foregoing art because I can’t afford anything. I’ve tried TapJoy and what a rip! I don’t receive diamonds I’ve earned twice now. They say I’ve received diamonds for something already when I haven’t. Even after explaining, I get no response. They make you pick a category of what you were trying to do to get diamonds but they don’t have all their items listed, so you just choose the closest thing. Never again. I see myself deleting this app soon.

Not so fun

While I love designing and have used this app for a while now, here are some reasons why I am over this game now: 1- Too hard to reach the next level, meaning you're stuck with the same art and decorations. 2- Items are way too expensive. I don't wish to spend real money on a game, so I'm left with the option of waiting many days to collect diamonds so I can buy a few items. In the meantime, I'm stuck playing with the same furniture I have... And now all of my designs look similar... Boriiiiing!! 3- People vote on designs without taking into account if the design it's meeting the challenge. This makes it predictable who will "win"... For example, between 2 designs, the one who has the black and white carpet (the one with the circles on it) will win 9/10 times, because it's standard and it looks good... And the more colors you use, most likely you will lose. I'm tired of seeing this over and over. 4- The purchased furniture should stay in your inventory forever so you can move on to buy other different furniture. But no! You have to keep buying your favorite/basic/affordable items over and over thus keeping your "poor". So for those reasons "I'm out".

Terrible Customer Service!

I’ve contacted customer service several times with questions and never get an answer or even a reply! The worst part is people judging/voting on your work that have no taste or sense of what the requirements were for the project. I’ve done so many 5 star worthy rooms but receive a lower score and then when I see some of the ones that got 5 stars it’s just ridiculous!! Like who are these people voting?! It passes the time when you’re bored but don’t take it seriously or you will get undoubtedly annoyed, especially when you know what you’re doing (I work in Interior Design) but clearly most of the other people don’t!! I wrote my review before I read any of the others....I now see we ALL have the exact same complaints!! This app needs a serious overhaul! UPDATE: It is now over a month since my initial review....I have since lost interest in playing the game at all! My previous complaint about the voting has gotten even worse, it is now a complete joke when I see rooms that have gotten 5 stars that clearly just threw anything in there yet mine followed the requirements and aesthetically is extremely better but I can’t even get to 4 stars to at least collect a prize. I guess all the Candy Crush people found this app and decided to try something new 🙄. I now only design the “daily” just to receive my cash and diamonds for the day, no interest in it anymore otherwise. #toobad

a good app

In my downtime and bedtime I enjoy designing rooms. The app works pretty well, however sometimes in the middle of decorating a room the app will restart and you have to start the design again. Overall pretty happy with this game!

Great app

Super fun! I love the designs. I love that there are multiple challenges every day, so it's always changing. And it's not hard to earn cash or diamonds like in other games.

Not getting my free gems!

I love this think you should be able to earn more money other than by decorating a room. And it should be more than $500 for doing rooms. I'm a single mom of 5. So I don't have extra cash to blow on games. So I do the offers for free gems..but I only get the gems for the small offers I do..I'm owed over 2000 gems..I do those stupid surveys and those silver offers, and have yet to get the gems for them. I report that I haven't received my gems, and you guys keep telling me to be more specific..I can't get much more specific than I already have....

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