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I love this game. Love designing and getting to know the different styles and brands. However, I do agree with A. Duck and Mamma Dillon about the glitches and earning diamonds. I do take the surveys but that does consume a lot of my time when I could be designing rooms. I also agree with their suggestions to fix glitches. I would suggest that once we enter a design, I think there should be a way to edit our entry to add or change our design. It is possible that we would win a grouping after entering a design and an item won may look better in our design than what we had to work with. I think once voting starts on a particular design that’s when editing is cut off. Just saying. Lastly, the styles are nice and even beautiful, but would like to see primitive country, primitive Sheik, and like to mix primitive pieces with some other style, like coastal, contemporary, even traditional. Just saying. But love this game.


Is fun for the two seconds before shutting down :(

Unreliable, cumbersome - too bad for otherwise fun game

After playing this game for months - my entire inventory was wiped out with one of their updates! Customer service is nonexistent- no help at all. No solution to this problem - and I see several people having the same problems. They need to fix the bugs and address some of the recurring concerns that make this game too cumbersome to enjoy. All my previous points still apply - but this latest flaw and the lack of support make this a very unreliable game, especially if you spend your own money on the app. Don't make that mistake! Glad I didn't!!!!! This was my initial review: Agree with common suggestions for improvement and hope these will be considered and implemented. Make money and diamonds easier to get, otherwise it's too hard to get pieces needed for specific room requirements. Make sure challenges actually reward you with diamonds when completed. They very often do NOT reward you - very frustrating. Voting is fine - but it's odd to see some of the highlighted winners which are clearly NOT the best designs. Hmm .... Maybe make 4 star winners get prizes and a little money or diamonds. And let us keep our purchased items and prizes longer - - 5 times to use these items isn't enough. And some of the accessories - let us just keep those. All these would make this a 5 star app - I'd play more and be even more addicted! I truly hope someone reads these reviews and implements some of these recurring suggestions!


I love this app so much, it is great for me because I want to be a interior designer.


This app crashes to much I just got it so I'm going to delete it and find something else that's better.

Love it but wayyyyy to expensive to play

I would actually be willing to play for the app or a reasonable monthly fee, but if you really want to play this and enjoy it you'd have to spend like $5 a day. Ridiculous!!! You purchase items and they disappear after using them in a drain five times. Absolute ripoff

Love to design

I love to pick out and design the homes. I am really addicted to this game. However, I do have to say it is frustrating to have the game crash on you as much as it does even if I turn my iPad off and on. I have many times gotten my room almost complete and it will crash and have to be reopened and start all over again. I hope they can fix that someway.

Design home

My mother and Aunt are home decorators, I've picked up some knowledge from them and I love messing around with it, great app!!

Love this so much

I hardly put my iPad down anymore, this game is addicting and unbelievably entertaining. Love it!


Loving it


Yay!!! It's so fun!

This app

This app if fun and would play it all day!!!

It's a good app

I like part of it. But the problem is that I cannot design a furniture I want.

Just Not Enough?

Love this game. You can't earn enough of anything. I feel you ought to be able to keep your inventory especially the ones you buy. Make the prizes 5 time uses.

So much fun!!

I love playing this game! They are coming out with new designs all the time, great challenges! Im hoping to see holiday items!! Keep up the good work!!💕💝💗

This is so good

I love this game so much and all of you other people don't like it!!!!

Fun game but make hard to play without paying

I really enjoying playing this game but wish there was a better way to play without spending money on diamonds. There should be more loyalty rewards. A lot of the furniture is so expensive that you can't decorate a nice looking room without paying.


It’s good kinda confusing but it great

Need more diamonds!!!!

Love the game but it restricts you by the lack of earning to continue to play

Fun app with a selection of options

Great app with good selection of options. If it can be used without internet connection, and various other activities can be added(other than just entering design competitions and voting), that will be even better.



Love it


Only for the RICH and WEALTHY

This is a free game however if you would like to continue to play it's going to cost you. It's fun and the homes and furniture options are nice but there aren't many ways to earn cash for furniture or diamonds. The furniture costs way too much and your only given $500 each time you design a home. Also what's annoying is you'd think that when you purchase an item it's yours to keep and you own it but nope! You only get to rent it and can only use them 4 times then you'll have to purchase it again if you would like to continue to use it which is a rip off considering the amount of money you have to pay for each item. I can see why people start to play this game and eventually stop once it gets too costly. Also if you get a 5 star rating you only get 125 💎 (come on now, really?) you should at least get 2500 diamonds. So this game gets ⭐️⭐️ from me. I'm going to look into other games like it but in the meantime I'm going to continue to design homes for $500.


Love it!

Lisa L.

It's fun to play but it's difficult when the furniture prices are so high & they don't let you earn enough money for each goal you complete.

Great game but...

I love playing this game but it always closes on me. No matter if I’m trying to vote to get keys or designing a room, the game always shuts down on me and I have to start all over again. Super frustrating. I’d give it a 5 if it wasn’t for that.


Really interesting

Love the game!

i've wanted to become and interior designer so it's cool to experience some things like that on this app

Awesome game

This game is something you can't regret downloading

Totes fun

Mega adorbs and entertaining. Weeeeee!


I like designing the rooms but there needs to be a way to earn more cash and diamonds to be able to actually design a room. I've done the challenges to earn diamond but I am not getting the diamond credits for doing them. There needs to be some improvements to the game.

Totally addictive

This game is a lot of fun. I love designing rooms and completing challenges. I wish it was possible to sell off items for money- half price or something. It would be nice if it was easier to get more money without having to actually buy diamonds. When people aren't willing to spend their own money on this game, the game flops, people stop playing. There needs to be more ways to get money within the game- not by paying or completing surveys through third party companies.

Fun, but...

I have a great time designing rooms; however, some of the furniture is so expensive that it's almost impossible to design a room nice enough to net you at least a 4.0 rating. And the diamond items are usually insanely expensive. The only way to decorate with pictures and plants is if you use diamonds or level up. And those pictures and plants are pretty steep.

Fun game!

I'm enjoying the app so far

Great app!!

What a great app to design your own home

Great, fun game but needs some changes

I really enjoy this game. It's fun to design rooms for all over the world. The problem is that it's almost impossible to play daily, other than collecting your daily reward, because you run out of money immediately. The cost of furniture is too high and the fact that you can only use pieces 5 times before you need to repurchase them is crazy. I end up waiting a week or more to enter only 1 $2500 challenge so I can try to earn more diamonds to purchase furniture instead of using my money. Would be great if we could earn more money in the game so we can design more often.

Like but

Too expensive to buy furniture.

Pretty amazing

I thought this was not gonna be a great app and I was right it's an amazing app


I have wrote to support through the game twice,I have wrote to the email support and my game is still not working I can't get a real response just automated responses.I have spent real money on this game, if you can't fix it,then please refund my money.Also I resent being ignored and treated rudely.Update I got an email response saying please be patient they are working on the issue.It has been 3 days meantime I am losing diamonds and progress towards leveling up.Also I am tired of standard responses please fix it or refund my real money

Fun, but expensive

I recently found this game. Great find to take my mind off of the everyday hustle and bustle and I love that there are challenges! I just wish once you bought the furniture you had it for unlimited uses. Maybe if they made an option that to pay a little more you'd get it unlimited that would open some doors.

Was great at first, but then...

Without any updates, out of nowhere, now it crashes constantly. I spend time on creating a room design only to get an error message and then get kicked out. I have to log back on 3 or 4 times before it will show me my inventory. Inventory I've purchased disappears but they take my coins and diamonds (which I've actually purchased). I really love this game but it sure hasn't been stress free recently. Hope they fix it soon and I get all my items back, or I'm going to delete until it gets better.


This app is so much fun. I wish they gave more than 500 diamonds today or let you use your cash to convert to diamonds. They have such a large selection of inventory. I spend way too much time on this game!

I like it...but could be better

The furniture available doesn't always have great options that match other furniture. Hopefully as I unlock levels, I'll get more? Overall, it's a cool idea. Wish you could design the whole house and rotate views.


I just wish that we could use every furniture we own as many times as we want to. So that way we won’t run out of money and diamonds because we keep buying stuff that are expensive which makes the game less fun!! Another thing to improve is it’d be a lot more fun if daily diamonds were given twice as much and money for designing rooms were more than $500 that way we could use it to buy more beautiful furnitures for the rooms!!

Rewards process is a joke!

I rather pay .99 cents to get all the features of the app including ENOUGH AND REALISTIC DAILY REWARDS to plAy or actually enjoy the game. The game is cool but needs to be fixed!

Fun, but...

There has to be an additional way to get diamonds other than purchasing - impossible to buy the good stuff!

I love this app

I can play for hours. Great graphics up to date design. Inspires me to paint and creat

Overall pretty good.

I like the game a lot. However, I don't like that you constantly have to vote to earn keys 😒 and I don't like that you have to wait so long to get your ratings.


Fun to play. Fun to shop. All around a good game for when you're relaxing at home or killing time.

Money grabber

Great idea however you run out of money within 10 minutes of playing... don't let it fool you as a free game. Was hesitant based on recent reviews. If you plan on paying for imaginary furniture go for it. On the other hand, wish they made realistic rewards when it comes to completing challenges so you could continue playing. Two stars for the idea.

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